enclayve protects your privacy

enclayve Privacy Policy:

"Enclayve has no access to content or information or data of any kind on your Block and therefore cannot and does not collect any information on you; your Block and all its content is owned solely by you."

In contrast, the Facebook Privacy and Data Policies have far too many pages of legal language to put here!  Fortune Magazine (from April 20, 2018) has this synopsis:

"Facebook collects data about everything you share. Facebook's new data policy guide tries to spell out the kind of user information it shares and with whom. Specifically, Facebook collects content users provide from when you sign up, when you upload or share content, and when you communicate with others on Facebook."

AND THERE IS EVEN MORE PRIVACY CONCERNS AHEAD: every service provider, including Facebook, is authorized by you to analyze your pictures and video. This includes face-recognition of you, your children, your friends and likely many other attributes that they can and will use to further profit from your data!
enclayve does none of this because your data is completely private to you!